Tile frames, gratings & PK rings

PURUS PK-ring rings can be used for all types of sealing layer and brick floors. And is also suitable for the most available full bore and on the market.

Load on grating to load classic fication EN 1253:K3 = 3 kN, apart from the two with reinforced gratings (PK 200 and PK 300), load classification EN 1253:L15 = 15 kN. All PURUS Pk rings are available with a hole in the grating: grating dim. 150 with Ø40 mm hole, grating dim. Ø220 with Ø50mm hole. The height of the PK ring above the gully's flange depends on weather a plate flange or membrane flange is used.

TILE INSERT 130 & 150

Purus Square - TILE INSERT


ART. no: 713 84 11


Art No: 07446.

Tile frame 300 L stainless

Material: Stainless steel

Tile frame 200 L stainless

Material: Stainless steel

Designer gratings

Material: Stainless steel

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