Stainless Steel Floordrains

All PURUS stainless steel floor gullies and accessories are manufactured from acid-resistant stainless steel. The exception is the industrial floor gully.

The Purus Channel is a hygienic channel made of AISI 316 acid-resistant stainless steel, with electro-polished grid of stainless steel. As an alternative, the channel can be delivered with an anti-slip plastic lattice. As water trap, an optional Purus floor gully of stainless steel, with vertical or horizontal outlet, outlet-dim. 50, 75 or 110 mm is available. The gully is mounted at the bottom of the tub. The gully can be equipped with odour-stop and back flow valve. Removable grating/sediment basket is included. The gully can be turned through 360° and can be adjusted before installation. The Purus Standard Channel is available for all types of floors: concrete / plaster floor, vinyl floor or brick floor.

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